Specializing in Inner Healing, Trauma & Deliverance
— Luke 4:18

Prayer Ministry

  • Professional and non-judgmental
  • Private and confidential
  • 3-6 hour sessions
  • Free will offerings only
  • Certified Prayer Minister

FREE for Lakeshore Church Members

Services are FREE for members attending Lakeshore Church in Rockwall, TX

Need Prayer?

  • Why do I struggle with the same problems again and again?
  • Why do I have barriers I can't get over?
  • What are these negative patterns I see in my family line?
  • How can I get over this anger I feel all the time?
  • Is it possible to really let go of the past?
  • Why do I do the very things I have said I will never do?
  • Can I truly be healed from the pain I feel inside?
Last Updated: 08/17/2017